This is me, the face behind Studio Camille.

What my resume says: Australian born, Carer/Teacher, Children crazy, Exhausted mother, Photographer, Business maniac.

What my heart says: Caring, Sentimental, Creative, Fun loving, Loyal, Honest, Organised, Grounded.

I LOVE my family (mum, dad, sister, 2 little brothers & SIL’s, my handsome hubby and my two beautiful daughters..) 

I’m extremely caring, I’m fiercely loyal, I’m very sentimental,

I ALWAYS cry at movies, I LOVE being social as much as I LOVE being home on the couch. I’m always the first on the dance floor and desperately need a night out. 

I LOVE learning new things (my most recent skill… renovating),

I am a MAJOR chocoholic (any kind), I am a cleaning fanatic, 

I LOVE sleep ins (if only they were still a thing), 

I don’t do mornings without coffee or two, my family think I’m a clown, I LOVE to talk and I KNOW that I am extremely lucky to be loving what I do everyday!

Newborn smiles, baby giggles, cheeky children, quality kids products and talented business owners… Is what I am always surrounded in and what I love most. 

This was my drive to focus all my energy into a kid- focused business.. and it is my happy place.

Before I started my own business, I was working for a well established wedding photography company in Melbourne. It was here that I learnt that running a successful business is all about the relationships you build around you, especially with your clients. I am proud that most of my clients return year after year to update their business content. These relationships are what I value most!

So that is me in a ‘nut shell’. I would love to hear from you, so please drop in and say hi. I would love to hear your story and it would be an absolute honour to be able to create timeless images of the life of your family or your business.

Erin Camille


Easily the best experience with a photographer, which I used for my clothing business to date! Erin is super personable and very talented. She understands business owners needs and how a photo can bring a product to life and how to connect with people on the other side of the lens. Erin is professional, personable, creative, on time, easy to work with & followed through on everything she said she would do re: my product photography and social media photography. I would highly recommend her to family, friends and business associates

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