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Studio Product Photography & Lifestyle Product Photography

Professional images are a very powerful tool to help sell your brand and the love your clients have for your products. Studio product photography & Lifestyle product photography showcase your products simply styled with minimal props, in-use or displayed in a created scene that demonstrates where they should be used. For example, a product such as a baby cot sheet can be displayed in a cot with or without a baby model and added accessories. Each brand and products is unique, so Studio Camille will work closely with you to help create high quality images that relate to your brand and to help you reach your appropriate target customer. This package is perfect for brands seeking a professional look with their images across platforms, such as websites, catalogues and social media. Hourly, half and full-day sessions are available. Once all the information has been gathered, Erin will tailor a package that suits your needs best.


Flat Lays

A simple way to enhance your brands image and boost your online sales is by using high - quality e-commerce photography across platforms such as your website, catalogues and social media. Flat lay photography is an effective way to showcase and sell the quality of your products to your customers, while also adding a commercial value to your brand. A clear image can communicate what your product is about faster than a written description. It lets your product speak for itself... Simply post / courier your products to Studio Camille, once a studio session has been locked in. From there, each product will be steamed / cleaned before it is carefully styled onto a white surface or styled background to be photographed. After the shoot, your images will be professionally edited and your products will be sent back to you. It's that simple!


Stop Motion video

Stop Motion Videos (also known as stop animation) are a fun way to bring personality into your brand and engage with your customers by creating a unique visual experience. They can be used for promotional videos, social ads, tutorials, e-commerce photography, and much much more. Each scene is captured one frame at a time, while slowly moving each product between each shot. The images are then played back in a sequence to create the illusion of movement.


short videos

Capture your products in motion and wow your audience. Studio Camille can create short video clips for your social platforms such as instagram, Facebook and for website marketing.<br /> Once we have discussed your brief, Erin will tailor a package that suits your needs and purposes.

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